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PostSubject: IC CHAT RULES   Sun Nov 09, 2008 2:22 am

Hi all, these are the rules to be adhered to while in the IC chat.

I.C. Chat Rules
1. Do not enter IC Chat until you have been to at least one event.
2. Be polite and courteous to other players at all times.
3. Listen to, and abide by what the Refs tell you.
4. Remember to narrate your entry and exit to a new area of chat using the /me command.
5. Characters cannot die in Chat.
6. Only one Character can be active at a time for each player.
7. Don't take the poodu.
8. System calls are to be made in caps inside square brackets, for example [KNOCKDOWN], and remember to name your target (if applicable)
9. If and when combat occurs, take turns running from the top of the list downwards.
10. In combat, if you wish to do nothing, just type [PASS] so that the next person in the list knows they can act.
11. Be polite and allow people to reply or react to what you've typed, not everyone is a fast typist.
12. Make an effort in spelling and punctuation, it makes things a little easier for those with reading difficulties.
13. Remember, it's a game, so enjoy it.
14. Unless designated by two refs, items that happen in the chat are not offical, items can neither be lost nor gained.

Breach of rules Penalties
Your first warning will be via PM within chat.
For your second warning you will be ejected from chat.
A third infringement will result in a banning from chat.
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