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 Campsite rules

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PostSubject: Campsite rules   Sun Nov 09, 2008 2:25 am

Hello all.

We are the first LARP to use the Adamswell site under it's current wardenship.
As such I want DH to give as good an impression of LARPers as humanly possible.
Partially because we like the site and want to use it in the future, and partially because other LARPs will want to use it.

The warden has given us some rules that they want us to follow.
We WILL follow them.

1. Take your rubbish home with you.
There is no facility on site for disposal of rubbish and waste. So bring some black sacks, and take your own rubbish away with you when you go.
(We will be annoyed if we have to take other people's rubbish as well as our own)

2. No sudden or loud noises near the farm.
A portion of the site backs on to a farm. The animals there are vulnerable to being disturbed by sudden and loud noises. We will make this area clear at the player Briefing.

3. Keep clear of the water.
A river runs through the site. We don't want be trying to pluck any of you out of it. So stay clear of it.

4. Don't Scare the civilians
A public footpath / right of way runs through one edge of the site. We may encounter hikers or people walking their dogs. Time Freeze until they have passed, then continue. Do not point guns at them. (No, really, don't, we mean it!)

5. Mind the Neighbours
Areas of the campsite are backed on to by houses. So don't make too much noise at unreasonable hours (eg. no loud, drunken singing into the early hours of the morning.)

6. Fire Pit
Don't dig your own fire pit - use the one provided.
We may be able to arrange smaller 'mobile' firepits for the camps, if we can't the site has one large firepit at the top pof the site.
Wood for the fires is stored near the assault course in the form of broken pallets. Do Not use any other wood for fires, the pallets have been provided especially for fire use.
Return any unused fire wood to the stock pile. Do Not leave it by the pit.

Thanks for reading and abiding by the rules. If everyone follows them, we'll be able to use this site again.
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Campsite rules
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