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 Group bonus'

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PostSubject: Group bonus'   Sun Nov 09, 2008 2:26 am

We now have a Bonus system for people who register themselves as a 'Group'.
By 'Group', we don't mean member of the New Republic or Empire, but as part of a starship crew, or perhaps a group of like-minded people (Rangers / Scouts, Medics, Artisans etc - if you can come up with it and get enough people to join you're away).

Group registration can only occur at an event and all founding members must be present at gc at this time. A group cannot be registered in downtime.

Requirements; at least 5 players willing to create a group, all must be present at registration. Only players present at the group registration will recieve the bonus exp.

A character may only be a founder member of one group.

Tailored plot, groups will get their own story lines and plot hooks to follow.
Private Forum, all members of the group will have access to their own forum.
Experience bonus, upon registering their group at games control at an event all founding members of the group present at the event get 6 extra XP.

Experience bonus' can only be gained if the player is present at the groups registration. A character who recieves exp bonus for registering a group cannot gain a further exp bonus for registering as part of a different group.

Members joining after registration gain no further exp bonus, the exp bonus is for founding members only.
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Group bonus'
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